Music Collector and Organizer App Reviews

82 add


New version: the wishlist is merged with the actual album list! Too bad!

Not recommended...

Crash all the time during CD informations update. Really BAD information retrieved from barcode reading (WHEN something is found). Online processing really slow. I regret buying this app.

didnt work

Ive just intalled it and on the first album Ive tried to add it crashed. And then I tried again, but it couldnt find any of the 5 albums Ive tried to add by code scanning or database search by album title and artist.

Very Good

Very Good

Good ideia

But not user friendly and it looks an iPhone 3G app...


Adding CDs manually is complex and tedious. Automatic addition works fine but at least 25% of my albums werent recognised.

Good app that can be great!

Real good so far, however, i know this app shares data on the cloud but the data I input needs to be locked in so that others cant keep changing the info. Ive already had to fix several items imputed as vinyl then got mysteriously changed to cd. As well as genre keeps changing. My camera scan had so far found 0 of the 20 items i entered. Future updates will make this 5 stars. Update: just downloaded an update, now all my entries are missing! Where did all my hard work go?!!!!

So how does this go?

So do you scan the barcode on the cd case? Or what??


Scanning so far so good. Will give final star if I can sync it to iTunes

Pretty good..

Really good however there are a couple pretty frustrating things. Firstly its pretty buggy and crashes a lot. My main problem though is that anyone can edit information in their database and it doesnt lock or anything when you add it to your collection. Im tired of seeing information in my collection change completely and having to fix it every time! An issue that seriously needs to be addressed.

Fix the bugs!

Like the idea but if theres no fix for the bugs I wont be using it long! Sick of changing everything all the time!

Awesome , but has some bugs!

Great app , a couple of bugs though !

One problem

Would be nice that when I actually edit something, it saves it!!

Its ok

This app is ok but sometimes the albums you add delete for no reason


Extremely disappointed. Spent a long time entering my 200+ record collection only to discover that over 100 of them have been magically deleted upon opening the app. Not cool and a waste of time really.

Great app

Itll be even better as they continue to build their database

Lots of promise

On the plus site, this app has a nice interface and might get better. Not so good are the constant crashes, not being able to search other then by album title. If you enter the artist by first or last name thats how they are sorted and one gas to manually change the lot. No track listing and the $25 online app is a rip off considering the limited search functionality. Wait until next year for promised updates.

Music Collector,

Waste of time, free one allows 9 scans only. Does not download song titles on each CD

Quite good

I love this app. The only thing that would get me to give it 5 stars would be to have the albums separated by band name as just opposed to alphabetically. Right now if I search for a specific band I have to search through all the bands that start with that first letter. Band separation would be easier and quicker. Do that and its perfect. Thank you.


Have been waiting for a program like this for some time. It is fast and efficient. Great job.

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