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Peccato, lidea era buona, peccato che non tenga nemmeno un disco, dopo che li inserisci spariscono tutti ..... Aspettiamo aggiornamenti.


Bella idea quella di poter mantenere aggiornata tutta la propria libreria musicale tramite foto e dettagli. Peccato peró la scarsitâ di gruppi e band conosciute. Cmq questa app vale la pena di essere scaricata per tenersi in costante aggiornamento.

Dopo laggiornamento è sparito tutto

Dopo questo ultimo aggiornamento tutta la collezione di cd è scomparsa, tutto vuoto. Complimenti, se qualche fenomeno mi spiega cosa cacchio fare...


Lidea è buona, ma il loro archivio è molto sguarnito, o almeno per quanto riguarda la discografia italiana e le foto a volte sono da reinserire... Da migliorare assolutamente!!!

Buona, con discreti margini di miglioramento

Ho confrontato lapp con altre simili scaricate prima di trovare questa e lho trovata migliore delle altre per tipo di sistema di archiviazione, per la percentuale di successo nella scansione del barcode (anche se non è fantasmagorica) ed in generale per la semplicità dutilizzo e lesportazione dellarchivio per lutilizzo in Excel. Sicuramente migliorabile in alcuni aspetti ma secondo me al momento la miglior app per mettere in ordine il proprio archivio di CD.

Comoda e ben fatta

Proprio quello che serviva ! Semplice ben fatta e trova subito le info sui cd ..


Dopo aggiornamento và in crash! Non si riesce a esportare la collezione! Ne in txt ne in csv! Trovo un file di soli 7kb che contiene pochissimi titoli! Prego verificare e sistemare. Grazie!!! Ho pagato 5,99€ !!!!!!!


LApp che cercavo da tanto per la mia collezione di cd

Una applicazione indispensabile!

La versione attuale funziona in maniera impeccabile.

Great App

I love the display options and sort functions... so easy to use!

Lacks a management interface

I have not been able to

Bad business practices

The only good thing is that I can store my collection, but if I need to edit or do anything else I have to pay for it. Don’t have to do this with the one for books! I also can not use this in the combination app with paying for each one, not right to do this, especially for what you charge!!!

Don’t Download It

This is a spectacularly bad app. It starts off filled with junk you have to delete and then it doesn’t even allow you to add tracks when you are manually adding an album.


Great app but keeps crashing randomly


Doesn’t find half and most don’t have track info


"hey no one's paying to upgrade, let's take more features away to force them"

Useless without upgrading!

Free version is only a come- on to get you to upgrade

Limited access

I thought this app was the cats meow but after a few scans it prompts you to upgrade. Not what I'm looking for or expecting. It worked fine until then. If you want to pay for this be my guest. It will do what you want. Out.

Can't reset password

Can't reset password

Without music life would be a mistake....

This app helps manage even the greatest of vinyl collections, must have for all levels of collectors

Don't waste your time....

Paid $5.99 to do multiple scans. After 10 commercial CDs were not found in the database, I realize I was scammed.

Not Worth It

Doesn't have a great database and tries to charge you ($5.99) after a few bar code scans.

Great Ap

I wish all aps functioned as well. I use it almost daily and it also helps me avoid purchasing the same music twice.

Good app

This is just what I was looking for I've tried other apps very user-friendly cumbersome just horrible this one is perfect

Very useful app

This has been a great app for me. The interface could use a bit of an upgrade but the functionality is great.

Awful login problems

Cannot share this app with my wife. Horrible experience to make it work, in today's world having two people share an album castling seems fairly reasonable but it seems this is only intended for people who work alone.

Great app to sort your collection.

I really like this app a lot. I have only added my vinyl but intend to do my dvds too. It's super easy to input your titles. You can add by barcode, photo or manually. I entered 30 records in less than a half hour and that includes a few that weren't listed that I had to take my own photos of. The only critique I could add is as you are adding a title if you accidentally go back without saving you have to start all over again. A check screen saying "are you sure you want to go back? All your work will not be saved." Something to that effect would be good. All in all a great app!! Thanks!!!

Love this app

Really helps me see what I have and organizes it.

Owner operator

Catalogued all my CDs. All in alphabetical order. Great app.

Great App!!!

Love being able to keep track of my LPs so I don't accidentally buy one again

Waste of money and time.

I was able to add over 400 titles to the app. All of a sudden it does store other titles being added. Upon starting the app up, it goes back to an earlier title count. I'm unable to continue adding titles due to it reverting to a smaller count.


I wouldn't mind paying $5.99 for this app if it worked in the slightest. It constantly freezes/locks-up. If I do get a section to load, I'm not able to navigate anywhere else, otherwise it shuts down. A colossal swing and miss.


Great app!


Love it!


Works great for bout 10 albums then it wants 5.99 to do more. Other apps didn't ask me to pay

Like, though a few bugs

I like this app. It's particularly handy when I digging through crates and want to see what I have so I don't buy the same thing twice. Though there are two annoying bugs. First, to email about a bug, you need to have Mail setup. I don't like that app and only use Gmail, so I can't email. Second, the star rating I put on albums used to appear in the list (which I liked) and for some odd reason, the stars don't appear any longer.

Easy to use

This app is much better than another app I tried. Bigger data base to easily add classical CDs

Poor App

Paid $4.99 for the Pro version and it constantly locks up when saving. Content fields cannot be updated. Waste of time and money.

Okay so far...

Started using this app to better manage my vinyl collection. So far so good. A few things I've noticed so far though that could really use some attention- •When entering data, you can go back too far one step and you lose everything. It's very frustrating. An alert should come up. •The search function for your collection is very limited. It really needs to be expanded to include 'Band or Artist'. Can't wait to see future updates!

Sort It music!

Awesome app! Minor issues reading UPC numbers on a colored background but scanned 200 songs in less than 30 minute! I was even more impressed that I was able to then view my list on my Mac by just logging in! Great tool to categorize your CD collection quickly and accurately!

Nice app!

Works well in bulk mode (premium version) to enter a lot of cd's and save some time. Couldn't get online web version to work though.

Only works on one device.

App is pretty good but hard to use for my old vinyl records. My big frustration is that I bought the premium version for my iPads but it will only work on one of my iPads.

Money Eater

I want to give a 5 star rating, because I love this app. I now can inventory my 800 record albums and all my Movies and Music. The issue I have is. I keep having to purchase the app over and over.. I even purchased the Pro version. It's so frustrating. Why do I have to purchase every time I switch apps? Money Eater!!!!!!

Sort it

I'm a list maker. I love this app. The bulk scanning for my cd's worked great so easy to use and at 55+ I am not good with tech things, I usually have to get my niece to help me but not with this. Hoping to use some of the other apps they have.


I purchased the pro version. After every five or so camera scans I have to upgrade to pro. This means uninstall the app reinstall the app and do it again. ridiculous. I am sorry I spent the money on this.

I Love This App!

As a vinyl collector, I'm always looking for a good way to carry my have/want list with me and this is the easiest and most visually appealing way I've found. Much simpler than a spreadsheet and pretty fun to use too.

Music App

So far this app works great. I recommend it to anyone with any size music collection.

Good app

Great for cataloging your collection

Awesome app but a little glitchy since it's new

I am so glad to have a free app I can catalog my collection on so I don't buy doubles of things this works wonders

Settings Option Crashing App

Ever since the latest update, as soon as I touch the settings icon within the app, the app crashes. I have restarted my phone, deleted the app and restarted. No dice. I tried to visit your site to let you know, but your site is down as well. Please assist

Limited imports

It only allowed me to do 8 until it asked me to upgrade to pro. What waste of download.

Useful, but need iPad support!

Works well sofar, but early days. The barcode scanning is a great way to get the album art and much of the other data. But when used on iPad, it has no icon, and displays like in iphone window. For the price paid for pro version, we really need iPad support!

INCREDIBLY frustrating app!!!

This app crashes ALL THE TIME!!! I have 1300+ albums loaded into it and now it crashes routinely. Customer supports advice???? Delete it and redownload it!!! Uhhhhh here's a thought...FIX THE GODDAMNED PROBLEM!!! Annoying as hell.

Good app, awful money grab

This app would be 5 stars if it actually let you do anything without telling you that you need to upgrade. If the developer at least let you edit the your albums after you accidentally save them unfinished that would be great! But until they make the free app USEABLE, it would be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sort it app for music albums

Nice idea, but they need to make it work properly. Crashes constantly on iPhone 5 iOS7. Lost hours worth of work after last crash, no backup on their servers as claimed. Shouldn't have spent the money.

WORST sort app bar none!

Paid the $6 and it crashes about 50% of the time. I sent an email to support and received a form response saying that if I added any items between July 18th and July 24th (today IS August 13th!) to please re-add them. What a farce!

Perfect, Anyone who collects. Get this

These apps are perfect if you collect anything from games movies Blu-rays music anything there's a million things they made to make sure that your covered of you collect. I recommended for anyone who does collect I love them I put all my games I collect. I'm going to do my CDs next. I'm very excited. These apps are perfect you also provide pro version they have is 5.99. Which I should just because you get unlimited scans. And lots more of awesome features! This app is 100% perfect!

Frequent Crashing

I like the app, it has been helpful with organizing and documenting our vinyl album collection. I paid $5.99 for the use of keeping track past 18 items, I would expect for that money, the app would not crash as much as it is. Please fix this.

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